Sunday, September 18, 2011

Renew Wedding Vows In New York | Renew Wedding Vows In New York City

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Cruise lines have long been known for offering great holiday deals and travel without problems. Now they are emerging as the event organizers as well. Many cruise lines are very eager to accommodate large and small groups of travelers. If you are in the process of planning a wedding, anniversary party, family reunion or even a multi-day business meeting, speak with a cruise line. It is possible that you can create an unforgettable program for your adventure for the cost of a land based event.

Special interest groups that cruise lines often called affinity groups are the groups that want to cruise for a special occasion. Family reunions, business meetings, even weddings are typical cruise affinity groups.

Being an affinity group can be easy, and many cruise lines go out of their way to attend group cruises. The word "group" does not necessarily mean you need a hundred people to qualify. Even a few people who want to travel together may qualify as a group. For example, cruise ships, where several friends traveling together are a recognized (and new), affinity group in the industry.